children's ministry

first time visitor check in

Family will come to first time visitor check in located at the first time visitor booth in the north entrance of the main sanctuary. A children’s ministry staff will greet them, introduce themselves and welcome them to Redemption and the Children’s Ministry.  Then, information will be asked to set up an account for the child. A name tag and check in slip is then given to the parents and explained to them that the check in slip will go to the teacher and the sticker goes on the child. They are made aware of the number on the sticker that will be posted during service if their child needs to be picked up from class for any reason. It is also explained to them that they will not return to this particular desk to check out their child. They will go to the children’s ministry area to get a check out slip to check their child out (this area is shown to them by tour guide).

After getting information the family will then be escorted by an assigned tour guide to the children’s ministry area of the church where they will be shown  the location of other check in stations as well as the classroom their child will be in. The teacher is informed by tour guide that the child is a first time visitor and will get any necessary information from the family before the parent leaves. After that, the family is then escorted to the main sanctuary for service.

checking child in

Give “in slip” to teacher at classroom door. Keep the sticker with your name and household number with  you. This number will appear on bottom of screen in main Sanctuary if you are needed.

checking child out

Return household sticker to either of our Welcome Desks in preschool or children’s church areas to pick up child. Only persons whose names are listed on the account can pick up children. You will be given an “Out slip” to give to teacher at classroom door. Children will not be released to anyone under 16 years old.