Redemption Kids Buddy Program Lead

Redemption Kids Buddy Program Lead
June 3, 2022 Levente Nagy

Redemption Kids Buddy Program Lead


job description

Position: Redemption Kids Buddy Program Lead

Report To: Early Childhood Coordinator / Early Childhood Dept Head

Classifications: Part-time

Hours: 15-20 hours per week


Responsible for planning, developing, delivering and evaluating appropriate individualized services, learning programs and instruction for special needs students in both self-contained and integrated settings in consultation with other ministry personnel.


  • Submitted and committed to the vision of Redemption.
  • Good organizational and communication skills; attention to details; able to handle information with confidentiality.
  • Ability to relate well with pastoral staff, ministry leaders, co-workers, volunteers, visitors, and members.
  • Great attitude and willing to be flexible in the midst of change
  • Knowledge and experience working with kids who have additional needs in the classroom physically, mentally or emotionally
  • Proven effective classroom and student behavior management skills
  • Knowledge of current special education practices and methodologies
  • Knowledge and understanding of State, local and federal regulations and policies affecting special education
  • Working knowledge of educational technology applications


  1. Adhere to policies and procedures as outlined in the REDEMPTION employee handbook;
  2. Take shared responsibility for accomplishing the vision of REDEMPTION and the Redemption Kids Department
  3. Strive to display professionalism and moral conduct becoming of a church environment.
  4. Support Dept Head and Coordinator in curriculum development and preparation for Redemption Kids Live and iKids maintaining the culture, vision, goals, and values of Redemption Kids. 
  5. Be coachable and willing to go above and beyond what is asked or required of you. 
  6. Be willing to seek God and add your heart and revelation to the work you create while remaining teachable and willing to adjust to the direction or re-direction of leadership. 
  7. Be willing to communicate and work with cross-functional teams within the ministry who may be able to assist or supply your team with additional resources and support when necessary.
  8. Create a welcoming, safe and fun environment for kids to build relationship with God and others, discover their purpose and learn to walk in Kingdom identity. 
  9. Lead a team of volunteers who will provide personalized care to those with additional needs in the classroom. 
  10. Lead a team of volunteers to be prepared with all materials necessary for their assigned date and time.
  11. Work closely with the Coordinator and Dept Head to provide support, feedback, coaching, etc to volunteers as needed to successfully execute this program and reap the benefits for your age group.
  12. Be an excellent communicator to families and volunteers in direct contact to your role.
  13. Confer with Leads and Coordinators regarding the social, emotional and physical needs and objectives of each child
  14. Plan, develop and implement individualized learning plans that meet the needs of those in our program
  15. Design appropriate teaching strategies and utilize appropriate methods of learning delivery and instruction to meet the needs of each student in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)
  16. Modify and adapt conventional curriculum to meet the requirements of special needs students
  17. Manage set up / tear down / prep time of area.
  18. Manage any reports from assigned age group.
  19. Attend required staff meetings during the week and assist with preparation of supplies and curriculum materials throughout the week as needed.
  20. Attend all special events and assist when needed.

Important NoticeThis job description is not intended and should not be construed to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts and working conditions associated with this position.  It does however reflect the principal job elements of this position.  This job description does not constitute a contract for employment.


Job Category: Childrens Ministry
Job Type: Part Time
Job Location: San Jose CA

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