the mission

The Expansion Offering is more than just enlarging our house, we want to extend our reach. By giving together as one body, we are capable to expand the Kingdom all over the world. This once-a-year sacrificial offering is given and goes above and beyond our normal tithes to Redemption Church. By partnering with us for this one day we can build the local church, further our campus reach and impact the world for years to come.

where we are expanding

bay area campus renovation

Here at Redemption, we believe that the next generation is seeking community and a life-changing encounter. That is why a primary focus of the expansion offering is on the construction of our campus building in San Jose. We believe this church building is going to stand for generations and we want it to last and continue to be a place where lives are changed. After many years of service, we are taking steps to improve our house not only for us but for those to come.

Here’s a sneak peek at what YOU will be supporting:



i.CHURCH is a one-of-a-kind experience that reaches the nations in English. With the help of technology, Redemption Church and Ron Carpenter Ministries are available to watch all over the world. However, we want the Word to also reach those who speak other languages. The Expansion Offering will help get the message of God translated into hundreds of languages worldwide, continue to further our humanitarian efforts, and enhance our technical tools to reach others on the other side of the screen. Our global impact will be greater because of what you give.

give to i.church



It is the vision and goal of Ron Carpenter Ministries to advance Kingdom teaching and principles in a global effort to reach the unsaved, restore the lost, and infiltrate local communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Technology is ever changing and growing and has allowed the impactful opportunity to share the gift God has placed on Ron Carpenter; a unique message and people. In an effort to keep a forward momentum in Kingdom teaching, Ron Carpenter Ministries seeks to use television and a variety of other media outlets to share this gift while providing the opportunity for viewers to become active partners and members.

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(For example: To send $150 text EXPAND 150)

Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness.

2 Corinthians 9:10

frequently asked questions

how much of my offering will go to the expansion?

100% of all gifts given during expansion offering will go to the needs listed above.

when do i need to start giving?

You may start your donation at any given time by selecting one of the ministries above.

what if i don’t have the full amount i want to give now?

We are taking the expansion offering on Sunday, October 29th so this is the time to prepare. Pray about how much you want to give and start saving until you can give.

is my offering tax deductible?

Yes, this offering will show up on your tax records.

how does the expansion offering differ from my regular tithes?

We understand that tithing is already a sacrifice however the expansion offering is going above and beyond your normal giving. This offering is taken only once a year and will focus on what is needed for Redemption to expand locally and internationally.

will my offering go to other ministries?

The ministry that you give to will be the ministry that receives your offering.