Redemption Kids


We grow kids God’s way by creating a safe place for kids to have fun, build relationship, discover their purpose, and learn to walk in Kingdom identity.

From babies to fifth graders, our team wants to give your family an excellent experience.

When you arrive, our team will happily show you the way to the children’s area. You’ll go to the first-time check-in station where you can tell us a little about your family to help us serve you well. On our check-in form we’ll ask things like what allergies your child may have, how many children are in your family, and get your contact information.

Then, you and your child will both get a sticker with a matching code. If for any reason we need to reach you during service , we will first text you twice , if we still can’t reach you -we will put your child’s code on the screen.The sticker is also what you’ll need to pick up your child after service.

Babies Six Weeks Old through Preschool
Babies Six Weeks Old through Preschool
First through Fifth Graders
First through Fifth Graders

Early Childhood

Age Groups

Redemption Babies
Cuddlers & Crawlers, Walkers

2’s & 3’s

K4 & K5


By the time they finish Early Childhood, we want them to know:


Armour of God

10 Commandments

Fruits of the Spirit

Basic Bible Stories

The Gospel


God Made Us

God Loves Us

God Has Good Plans For Our Lives


Age Groups

1st-2nd Graders

3rd-5th Graders


By the time they finish Early Childhood, we want them to know:


40 Memory Verses

Gifts of the Spirit

How to Hear God’s Voice

Books of the Bible



Learning How to Discern Between the Spirit, Soul and Body

How to Make Godly Decisions

God Has a Special Plan For Their Lives

God Can Use Them to Fulfill His Will on Earth

Partnering With Parents

We believe the best way we can help your kids develop a strong spiritual foundation is by partnering with you. Together, we can help encourage, train, and pray for them as they grow in their faith.

Here are some practical ways you can help us make the most of your child’s time spent at church:

  • Pick a consistent service time and location to help your kids build a relationship with their consistent Small Group leader and other kids their age.
  • Practice the current Scripture memorization with your kids.
  • Pray for your children each week as they come to church, and pray for our teams as they serve and care for your kids.